Our History

It all began in 1974 when our owner and founder, Rob Sansbury, began his career as an electrician in Maryland right out of High School. At the time it simply seemed like the first step in his professional career, but in hindsight, now over four decades later and 30+ years in business, the journey has been just that…a journey! 

Rob enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1978 and served as an Electrician with an honorable discharge in 1982. From there, his travels took him to Texas where he continued working in the field before returning to Maryland. After several hundred clients served, it was clear that this career path had evolved into a full-fledged business and in 2010, Sansbury Electric was formally incorporated in the State of Maryland. 

If you ask Rob what he loves most about the industry and why he does it all these years later, the answer he delivers is consistent and confident: the people! 

The people motivate him to continue delivering high-quality work with excellence and ease.

The people give him the ability to use his infectious energy and tendency to spark up a conversation into a daily opportunity.

The people encourage him to continue pursuing clarity and ease in an industry that often seems riddled with confusion.  

Rob loves that Sansbury Electric has become a neighborhood name and a familiar face in the community.

After all this time and without as much as a website to connect us to YOU, it was clear we needed to join the digital era and formally introduce ourselves, our services and the stand-up people that make up our team! We’re thankful for each of our clients support over the years and can’t wait to continue to be your go to electricians!

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