7 Electric Gift Ideas For the Holiday Season

If you’re tired of giving the same old gifts around the holiday season — gift cards, a bottle of wine, or the newest iPad — we can help you think outside the box. Have you thought about gifting your relatives with upgrades to their electrical work or gadgets that you can’t live without and know will have them  raving about for months?

We know how tough it can be to find the perfect gift for someone this time of year, especially one that will actually be useful in their daily life. We’ve outlined several electric-themed gift ideas, from lower-cost items to bigger ticket investments, for those relatives that might new homeowners in your life or to finally cross off something off your own wishlist. 

Sansbury can help make any of these happen, if you decide you really want to light up someone’s Christmas. Best of all, take advantage of our special holiday packages below! 

1. Replace 4 existing outlets with USB outlets

Cost: $400 (includes labor & materials)

Why buy? How many times have you lost the cube adaptor for your phone charger and you’re only left with the USB cord, but no place to plug it in? There are power strips available with USB ports. But that’s just another item that clutters your work station and home. Instead, we can come in and change some of your existing, standard outlets to include USB ports for all your favorite gadgets. This is also a great gift idea for someone you know who’s constantly charging their iPad, phone, or other gadgets.

2. Energy Monitor installation

Cost: $299 on Amazon + $200 installation costs 

Why buy? It can be tough to gauge how much energy your household is using. And those costs add up quickly, especially in the colder months we’re heading into. This Energy Monitor is an up-front investment, but one that could potentially save you and your family hundreds of dollars down the road. 

3. Whole-home surge protection

Cost: $750 (labor & materials)

Why buy? As winter begins, so does the threat of ice or snow storms that knock the power out. And when the power returns, the sudden surge of electricity can damage your appliances or other electronics. So there’s no better time to install a system of surge protectors that work together to protect your home. It’s a lot simpler than piecing together individual surge protection strips, and an investment in the protection of your most vital electronics.

4. Installation of a hardwired video doorbell 

Cost: $150-$250 for installation + cost of your chosen doorbell
Why buy? Wanting to give someone peace-of-mind for the holidays? Video doorbells allow you to check who’s at the door, no matter where you are. Cost of installation depends on what kind you choose: $150 for one that connects to an existing chime, or $250 for one that sends a direct call to a cell phone. Some logistical stipulations exist, like whether there’s an open ceiling nearby. Here are two of our favorites:



5. Towel warmer with built-in plug

Cost: $500 (installation) + cost of your chosen towel warmer
Why buy? The perfect small luxury gift for someone special in your life. As the colder months approach, there’s nothing more comforting than wrapping up in a cozy, warm towel or small blanket. Sansbury can install a dedicated circuit and custom plug for whatever warmer you choose. Some suggestions below:



6. Replace existing switch with a dimmer

Cost: $175 (includes labor & materials)

Why buy? Too bright, too dark: Two problems you wouldn’t have with dimmer switches. This is a perfect, low-cost gift that makes any room light up the way that someone wants it to. No additional purchases are necessary: All costs are included in our $175 price tag.

7. Pop-out plug

Cost: $400 (includes labor & materials)

Why buy? The newest rage in electronic gadgets is the addition of pop-out plugs, like these. These nifty innovations can be a welcome addition at home, for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Know someone who would love a few of these in their house to start the New Year? We’ll install for $400.

If you’re interested in any of these gift ideas — for your family members, friends, or even yourself — give us a call today. We can tell you more about any requirements a particular installation might have, the benefits to having these devices in your house, and how long installation might take. 

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