5 Ways to Upgrade Your SheShed (Part 2)

In Part I of the SheShed series, we introduced you to the new home project trend that is becoming one of the most fun renovation jobs you can tackle. Check out Redefining the Man Cave (Part I) to learn how you can transform your unused shed or garage into a space that is all your own.

Now, to the fun stuff! Here are 5 fun upgrades you can do to make your SheShed space your very own personal retreat from the world.

  1. French doors: Taking out the regular doors and adding French doors not only gives the space style and a home-like appearance but it allows for a ton of natural light to come in. Adding this feature to a garage space makes it feel like a new room to your house. It’s easy to do, check out Lowe’s tips for easy installation.
  1. Electricity: Adding electricity, whether you’re converting your garage or shed, allows for use of your space to be more than just a quiet place to read. Upgrade plug-ins, add lighting to create a more inviting space, and install modern amenities like ceiling fans, mounted TVs, internet and a sound system so that your space can be used at any hour or any season! Say bye-bye to interrupted zoom calls.
  1. Wallpaper: If you want to do more than just paint, adding an accent wall with a fun wallpaper pattern makes your space look upgraded without the mess. Check out these wall decals from Urbanwalls.
  1. Porch: Create a fun outdoor hangout space that allows you to entertain both inside and outside, while also giving your personal space a great entryway.
  1. SkyLights: Is your shed space too dark? Installing skylights allows for more light to come in while not having to renovate too much of your shed. Interested in trying this? Check out Lowe’s tips for installing skylights to your shed.

No matter what unique use you might find for your shed or garage, one thing is certain, you’ll never think of it as just a place for garden tools or your car again. Get inspired and then give us a call! We’re here to help make all your SheShed dreams come true! 

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