No Shed, No Problem!

If you don’t have an old shed or garage to convert into your own personal oasis … don’t worry! In the final part of our SheShed series, we want to show you how to take a space you didn’t think you could use and transform it into a secret getaway.

In Part 1 and 2 of this series we shared all about the new SheShed trend and how to upgrade your SheShed game! If you missed them – click below to get all caught up!

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Let’s take a look at the spaces you might have overlooked and how to transform them:

1. Closet: It is too easy to throw things into your closet and not realize how the space could be better used. Convert that junky closet into more of a designated purpose! But how? Clean out all the junk, install some shelves from your local Lowes or Home Depot, grab a fresh coat of your favorite paint color and the transformation begins. We suggest removing the door for easier entry and installing lighting to create a private space to get away. We like this sophisticated and welcoming space below!

2. Nook: Ever thought about turning that random nook into something that is actually functional? Or how about the random closet underneath your stairs? Start with a blank canvas by taking out whatever isn’t being used, pick out fun wallpaper from Urban Walls, (or a really good tile from WayFair) and install bottom shelving to create a private reading hideaway. This will be your escape after a long day of distance learning.

3. Basement: We all have a basement that is being used in a way that doesn’t fit our needs. Well now’s the time to take this space and completely transform it. Grab some fresh white paint, install new flooring or carpet, pick out furniture that suits multiple needs… and watch your basement become the multi-purpose space you didn’t know you needed. Want to separate the space even further so everyone has their “zones”?  Check out this basement remodel on Pinterest for inspiration.

4. Dining Room: Not all dining rooms are made equal. For those fortunate enough to have a separate dining room, many times it ends up being an eyesore with the clutter it accumulates rather than the dining room it was intended for. Repurpose this space with zones, whether it be a neat corner desk to schedule your weeks and pay bills, a focus wall with a family command center, or a bar cart for the end of week (or day) at home Happy Hours! Don’t want to use your dining room at all? Check out this article from Apartment Therapy for their favorite ideas!

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