Your first steps to getting a Tesla wall connector installed

With just under half a million Tesla’s sold in 2020 (during a pandemic year!), the requests for home installation of Tesla plug-ins skyrocketed too! But what goes into a Tesla wall connector installation? What will you need to have purchased ahead of time? What should you expect when our licensed electrician arrives on site? 

We’re so glad you asked. Lets jump in.

The 3 steps to installing your Tesla home charging equipment

  1. First things first, get connected with a local electrician! As you’ve learned from our blog, it can end up being a lot more expensive and time consuming to try and tackle projects on your own! Not only that, but electrical work is also incredibly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Find a reputable electrician in your area that’s licensed. 
  1. Schedule your free consult and get a date on the calendar for installation! We’re always happy to come out for a free consultation. In this case, it’s especially helpful to know if your panel has the capacity required to run the Tesla Wall Connector. Other things Tesla owners should know are things such as having a driveway or garage (not street parking) since power cannot be run across community/common property like sidewalks. Once we have a date on the calendar, you’ll need to order the Wall Connector directly from the Tesla site
  1. Installation Day – we take things from here! It takes a full day to complete the install with an average investment of $1,500 for the electrical work. With everything from panel capacity (we supply the 60 amp circuit), proper height/location of the wall connector, and appropriate tools – we handle all the nitty gritty details so you’re ready to plug in the next time you come home. 

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