Outdoor Electrical Improvements

Warm weather and long days are here in the Mid-Atlantic. Many of us are daydreaming about spending our weekends and any other free time off work enjoying the outdoors. There are projects to complete on the house and plenty of relaxation in order. Wash the patio furniture, order the new cushions, make yourself a drink and sit to enjoy the warm afternoon sun. 

This time invested in gazing out at your backyard or balcony vista pays dividends towards your happiness. This is when you realize something is missing. A fan to cool the bead of sweat on your neck, some creative lighting to set the mood as the sun starts fading. Maybe a mini bar area complete with refrigerator, speakers or even an outdoor television.

All of this is possible with some ingenuity and a little help from a professional like Sansbury Electric. We want to share some ideas to help our neighbors enjoy time outside with their friends and family.

  1. Lighting that gives your space a welcoming glow. There are now more lighting options to choose from than ever before. Quality LED bulbs or string lights are also more affordable and energy efficient than you may think. Nothing sets off your hangout area like a vintage fixture that tells a story. Whatever style you prefer, the lighting you choose should be outdoor rated or protected from direct sun and rain so that it can weather the elements. Don’t use inferior extension cords or other potentially hazardous methods to power your new lights. Instead, you should have an electrician check that your exterior outlets are in good working order and that they have adequate capacity for your new features.
  1. Keep your cool. A few good methods of cooling off when the temps are high will keep your company happy. Some shade may be the first and most basic way to achieve this but there are a few luxuries we think are worth considering. A good outdoor fan can be a game-changer in providing much needed air movement. If you want the optional performance of a gentle water mist, go for a fan that offers it out of the box or is safe to be retrofitted later. Cold beverages are a necessity for everyone to stay hydrated. But why go out of your way to replenish your drink? A simple outdoor bar will make a decorative addition to your space while proving to be even more functional when housing a small refrigerator. Of course, when adding any electrical accessories it is important to consult with a licensed electrician to be sure your exterior outlets and circuits can safely handle the increased load.
  1. Our last thought is for the more ambitious patio partiers. Some outdoor entertainment areas may not be complete without a big (or modestly sized) screen to watch the game. A helpful plus for most homeowners is that modern technology has made televisions more reasonably priced and more common to find outdoor usage ratings. Most new TV’s will work well outside if kept protected from the sun and rain in a specifically designed enclosure. Your smart TV can also double as a music streaming device when paired with Wi-Fi and provide plenty of audio ambiance. Those who may not have the space or desire to install a television will benefit from a simple yet effective Bluetooth speaker that could be battery operated or plugged in when needed.

We hope this article helps inspire you to take on a backyard project that will improve your home and the time you spend with loved-ones. Sansbury Electric would be proud to help you reach your electrical improvement goals in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Delaware.

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