3 Ways To Avoid Electrical Problems – Commercial Lease

Looking to open a new location for your business?

Businesses are always shopping for commercial real estate to open their next store, restaurant, or office space. There are many variables to consider during this process. The obvious thoughts are location, size, accessibility and so on. People often overlook previous build outs or critical mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems when they have found the “perfect spot.” Sansbury Electric is here to share 3 ways to avoid electrical issues when signing a lease on your next commercial space.

1. Get it inspected

Have a licensed electrician perform an inspection. They will check the complete electrical system to ensure it is safe, up to code and that the panel has capacity for any upgrades or changes you may need to make during your lease term. The last thing you need when budgeting for your new location is costly surprises in your electrical system.

2. Get it in writing

Insist that verbiage be included in your contract to hold the owner responsible for providing existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in up to code condition. That way if major issues are uncovered later, the owner will be responsible for any cost to remedy through the duration of your lease.

3. Get the drawings

It is very important to get up to date drawings that include Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP)’s for the space you are leasing.  This will help ensure that the prior tenant build outs are up to code as well as hold the owner accountable for the space. Complete drawings for the shell of your space and any existing tenant fit-outs can save you a lot of time and money. These documents will help you design the build out of your new space more efficiently and help you solve any potential issues with existing systems. If there are no official drawings done for a tenant fit-out, you could assume that it was not performed up to code.

Hire A Professional

No matter your construction experience or skills, it is important to have a licensed electrician perform all electrical work up to code. Building code regulations are in place to keep people and property safe. Electrical systems can be extremely dangerous if installed or handled improperly. Hiring a licensed electrical contractor will help protect everyone from the risks of fire or electrocution. If a licensed electrician performs work that is not up to code the consequences include loss of license, fines, and even jail time. 

Hiring a professional electrical contractor like Sansbury Electric to perform an inspection on your next property can save you time and money while keeping you safe. Give us a call today or whenever you need us for affordable service you can count on!

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