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Pets Are Like Babies, But With Sharp Teeth!

As we all know, electricity can be one of the biggest hazards in your home, especially for your pets.  Just like small children, pets don’t comprehend the threat presented by cords, outlets, and appliances.  Curious pets may play with or chew on dangerous electrified items, leading to a deadly shock, or even a fire. The goal of this article is to outline proactive steps you can take to protect your pets from the dangers of electricity in the home.

Keep Cords Inaccessible

Cats and Dogs often investigate anything they can get their paws on. Cords, cables, and other wired devices in the home are tempting to any pet, especially if dangling from the edge of a desk or table.  Managing cords behind furniture, or otherwise out of site, will lower the chances of your pet playing with them. Pet-proofing exposed cords by securing them in a loom or strapping with cable management ties is a great way to keep them secure and out of sight. Cable management kits like this one are inexpensive and provide multiple options.

Cable Management Kit

Unplug Unattended Appliances

Leaving appliances on while you are absent can lead to trouble. Space heaters, fans, and even lamps create a hazard with pets roaming freely.  Powering down unplugging these appliances when leaving the home may be a hassle, but it is the right thing to do. When choosing a fan or heater it’s a good idea to go for a product that includes a short, sturdy base and timer to shut off automatically. This compact space heater can be placed out of reach on a countertop or end-table and features an oscillation option and tip-over shut off as well.

Invest In High Quality Equipment

Just like anything else, not all electrical equipment is not created equal.  Cheaper electrical appliances usually means cheaper power cords and other protective materials. Low quality electrical devices are much more likely to fail, spark, or shock a pet if chewed on or knocked over.  We recommend against purchasing cheap electrical equipment whenever possible.

Pet Training

Training is the most efficient way to keep your pets safe from electrical hazards. Training is especially important for cats and dogs who normally have free reign in the home.  Cats generally respond to negative stimuli. Misting areas you want your cat to avoid with a citrus or bitter scent agent is an easy way to repel them from areas they should not be exploring.

Contrastingly, dogs typically respond well to positive reinforcement.  Associating avoidance of a certain area or appliance with a treat and physical affection is a great start.  Eventually, they will learn that staying away from electrical items is a good thing.

Of course, supplying your pet with plenty of toys to keep their attention will decrease their curiosity in things they should not be playing with.

Be Water Aware

It’s common sense to make sure that all appliances are a safe distance from your sinks, toilet, or bathtub. This also applies to your pets’ water bowl. Make sure that there are no outlets or cords near their water source.  Ensuring that your pet always has fresh water in their bowl will also decrease the possibility of them looking elsewhere. This stylish water dispenser will make it easy to keep fresh water accessible and doesn’t take any power to run, unlike some fancier fountains on the market.

Get A Professional Opinion

Hiring a licensed electrician to check the functionality of your electrical system will help you discover damaged or nonworking equipment and remove it from service. Investment in updated, code-compliant electrical infrastructure will help to ensure your whole family’s safety, not just your pets!  

In conclusion, proper management of electrical components in your home will decrease the danger that electrical power represents.  To learn more about maintaining or upgrading your home’s electrical systems, Contact Sansbury Electric for a free quote.  We’ll be happy to help!

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