Benefits Of Backup Generators For Home And Business

Power outages are never fun and will immediately create chaos.  Indiviudals tend to go into an emergency mode and sometimes into a state of panic and anxiety.  Nobody wants to be without heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer for long periods of time nor do they want their food to spoil.  

There’s a simple solution with the help of a residential electrician: a backup generator installation. A backup generator provides numerous benefits. Installing one is an effective way to protect your home and business from disasters and their subsequent expenses. 


Safety is the main reason you should contact a residential electrician to install a backup generator. If your loved ones depend on electronic medical devices, having an emergency source of electricity could save their lives. 

Many businesses depend on electricity for safety, too. Lights, warning alarms, and communication systems require electricity to run. Without it, people are put at risk. 

Protection Against Financial Losses

Power outages put any business at risk of losing money. A restaurant without electricity can lose thousands of dollars in spoiled food and lost sales in just a few hours. Every business loses productivity if employees can’t see or have no access to their electronic documents. 

Businesses aren’t the only ones who can lose money because of a power outage. Homeowners may have to throw out hundreds of dollars of refrigerated and frozen food if they remain at an unsafe temperature for too long. If the electricity goes out during the winter, pipes might freeze and burst, leading to significant water damage. Commercial and residential backup generators will help you save money in an emergency!  

Maintaining Comfort

A backup generator will keep your home at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the conditions outside. With a residential backup generator, you’ll still enjoy many modern conveniences, like indoor plumbing, air conditioning, heat, and even television. 

The same principle applies to your business. A backup generator will work through most manmade and natural disasters, so your employees will always have a comfortable working environment. Everyone knows that productivity decreases when working conditions are too hot or cold! 

Power Surge Protection

Power surges occur when there is a loss of electricity. When power is restored, the sudden onset of power can significantly harm your electrical panel. A damaged electrical panel creates a hazardous fire risk that puts lives and property in danger. 

Fortunately, a backup generator can help prevent harmful surges from causing a fire or destroying any computers, power tools, or other electrical equipment on your property. 


Not every home or business is made from the same mold. They each require different utility specifications, including the size of a backup generator. 

A backup generator can be sized to provide enough power to run your entire house or building. If it suits your situation better, a smaller unit will power the parts of your property that are the most important. 

Peace Of Mind

One of the best benefits of a backup generator is the peace of mind it brings. A residential electrician will wire it into your electrical system, so it instantly provides power when it’s needed. You can feel confident knowing your daily routine will not be interrupted by the inconvenience of a power outage. Your family, employees, and customers will be safe, and you’ll have minimal losses.

Having a backup generator installed is a decision you won’t regret. Contact our team of residential electricians at Sansbury Electric today for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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