2023 Bathroom Technology Guide

Smart Bathroom Design

Designers and homeowners are always looking for ways to make homes more comfortable and stylish. Bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms to remodel, and there are always new trends emerging. 

For 2023, many homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate technology into their bathroom designs. Touch-less fixtures are becoming commonplace, as they help to reduce the spread of germs. Heated floors and automatic soap dispensers are also gaining popularity, as they add a feel of luxury to the bathroom. Electric toilets are another notable trend, as they provide a cleaner and more efficient way to flush. Ultimately, designers are finding ways to make their bathrooms more convenient and inviting, and these trends offer just that.

Touchless Faucets

Products such as touch-less faucets and soap dispensers, are becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential settings. Touch-less fixtures offer several benefits over traditional devices. For one, they help to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria by eliminating the need to touch common surfaces. In addition, many touch-less fixtures also feature automatic temperature control, which can provide a more comfortable and convenient experience. As the demand for touch-less technology grows, it is likely that we will see even more products on the market in the near future.

Heated Floors

Heated flooring is a technology that is becoming increasingly popular in both new construction and remodeling projects. There are many advantages to having a heated floor in any room of the house, but the benefits in the bathroom are noticeable right away. The bathroom tends to be one of first rooms we walk into to start the day and stepping onto a comfortably warmed floor after a shower is a pleasure anyone can appreciate. Heated floors are also more efficient than traditional heating methods. Electric radiant flooring is the most common type of heated floor, and it can be easily installed by a qualified contractor. If you’re considering adding a heated floor to your bathroom, ask your electrician or general contractor about the different types of radiant flooring available and how much it will cost to install.

Automated Lighting

Advancements in technology makes our lives easier in many ways. One area where this is especially evident is in lighting. No longer do we need to fumble for a switch in the dark. Common adoption of motion sensors allows us to simply walk into a room to turn on the light. Dimmers have always allowed us to create a desired level of light output by adjusting a switch or dial, but with new technology integrated smart timers can also be used to provide perfect ambiance for different times of the day, automatically. Automatic lighting tech is especially convenient in the bathroom, where we typically want different lighting for different tasks. For example, mirror lighting is usually desired to be brighter than shower lighting. With automatic sensors and dimmers, we can have the perfect level of light for each activity, without ever having to touch a switch.

Automatic Toilets

With the rise of automated technology, touch-less toilets have become increasingly popular in recent years. These electric devices integrated in toilets provide a more hygienic experience by eliminating the need to touch dirty surfaces. In addition, they include luxurious options like seat heating, making them more comfortable to use. While touchless toilets may cost more than traditional models, many people feel that the extra expense is worth it for the added convenience and hygiene.

Modernize Your Bathroom

Today, there are an array of touch-less and automatic fixtures available that can add a touch of luxury to any space. When planning your remodel, be sure to ask your contractor about the latest and greatest technology that can be incorporated into your new bathroom, or any space in your home. You may be surprised at just how much your bathroom can be transformed with a few simple upgrades. 

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